Week 1 June 2012: Rain = 20 millimetres

Winter has arrived with very cold nights. Some places around Armidale have had a number of heavy frosts. On our 900 metre high hill we experienced only a couple of light frosts.

Extending the garden continues apace with more holes dug. We continued to dig out the dead grass from what will be our vine garden.

This week we potted on struck cuttings of Goodenia decurrens and Dodonaea boroniifolia. The former had colourful yellow flowers whilst the latter has eye-catching red, four-cornered fruits.

One morning a flock of Choughs visited our mown area in front of the house. There were about 10 birds in the flock. Their visits are rather sporadic.

Splitting firewood continued this week. Our wood heater is lit every night now winter has arrived.

Because the garden is so large we often find plants, that we have forgotten about, during our horticultural wanderings. This week was no exception as we found a small Correa with red and white tubular flowers and two metre high Eucalyptus melanophloia, the Silver-leaved Ironbark. Both were interesting discoveries. The Ironbark had even flowered and was carrying gum nuts.


Garden Diary