Week 1 June 2011:    Rain = 5 millimetres

There were lots of frogs croaking in one of our ponds this week. Their calls have been absent from Yallaroo for some time.

Planting total = 12

We spent the evening knitting squares and putting them together for a rug for one of our grandchildren. We have made rugs for all our grandchildren. There are two more to go after this one. Then they will all have rugs. Each rug has 35 squares.

This week we bought a 1.5 TB external hard drive from Dick Smith at a cost of $86. This was great value for money. We will use the unit for PVR from our new Kogan TV.

Apart from planting we also indulged in digging holes and weeding. The area where we are planting has a good depth of soil. There are a few rocks but nothing that we canít handle.

We also brought out the chainsaw and cut up more firewood. This time we cut Stringybark and Acacia implexa. This Wattle has very dense wood that burns well.

We sighted a Red-necked Wallaby crossing the road near our house one day this week. We see these attractive macropods every so often.

This week our Hakea verrucosa and Eucalyptus boliviana started flowering. The former is a specimen that has been in the garden for many years and has flowered annually whilst the latter is a first. This Eucalypt is a rare local species and this is its first blooming. Only a few flowers but we hope to see more in the future.

Friends, from Canberra, visited this week. They are interested in native plants and their propagation. We spent an enjoyable afternoon walking around the garden and also exploring the mysteries of plant propagation.


Garden Diary