Week 1 June 2009: Rain = 12 millimetres.

One day this week there was a large flock of Silvereyes in a garden near our shed. These small birds often visit Yallaroo. They are very partial to the fruits of our Solanum aviculare (Kangaroo Apple) plants.

This week we have Acacia iteaphylla, Hakea laurina and Hakea petiolaris plants in flower. These three species are useful garden plants as they will flower during the colder months. We also noticed masses of buds on a Eucalyptus pumila. This is a small, rare Eucalypt from the Hunter Valley, north of Sydney.

We spent some time potting on struck cuttings and seedlings including some Eucalyptus pulverulenta seedlings. These plants were from seed collected from one of our trees. The juvenile foliage, of this species, could be used as filler in flower arrangements.

More planting in our Triangle Garden this week. This week 41 plants found homes in this garden. We also spread mulch in this garden after planting.

The cold weather has well and truly arrived. This week we spent some time splitting firewood to use in our wood heater.

New on the Site: Ochrogaster lunifer (Processional Caterpillars).


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