Week 1 June 2008: Rain = 65mm     A marvellous amount. The garden is now set-up for a great blooming spring!

Digging holes and planting continued, as per usual, this week with 32 plants finding homes in the garden.

This week our grey water tank overflowed. Although we have had plenty of rain we used the surplus grey water to build-up the soil moisture level in some of our new gardens.

A couple of weeks ago we were interviewed for a monthly magazine that comes out with the Armidale Express newspaper. This week the magazine was published. We were featured on the front page plus a two page spread on Yallaroo including excellent photographs. We were very pleased with the result.

One morning we sowed tomato seeds. We have a variety of heritage tomato seeds and thought that they would germinate in our propagating unit and then be planted out in the warmer months.

We potted on some seedlings this week including Eucalyptus baeuerlenii. This rare, handsome species is known as the Dwarf Cliff Gum and will be an interesting addition to our Eucalypt collection. At present we have well over 50 species under cultivation.

Walcha Garden Club visited Yallaroo towards the end of the week. About 30 enthusiast members walked around the garden, had their business meeting, lunch and left with bags of cuttings. An enjoyable time was had by both visitors and owners.

This week we counted up the number of plants described and illustrated on the plant section of the web site. We came to the grand total of 600.

New on the Site: Banksia integrifolia prostrate and Cymbonatus lawsonianus.


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