Week 1 June 2007:  Rain = 28mm

We continued our family visit this week and travelled from Mittagong to Gosford, north of Sydney.

Sydney has an excellent system of motorways and this makes travelling around comparatively easy.

On day at Gosford we had a family lunch which was very pleasant. We also visited a lookout, north of Gosford, to do some whale watching. There were lots of people there but the whales did not put in an appearance.

Mid week we travelled home. Unfortunately we stopped at the Muswellbrook Forestry Nursery. They had thousands of tubes at 85 cents each. Of course at that price we had to buy some. 81 tubes later we headed for home. We bought mostly Acacias, Callistemons, Eucalypts and Kunzeas.

The day after arriving home we did some planting. Some of the Forestry tubes went into the ground.

A pair of Grey Thrushes is around the garden as well as flocks of Blue Wrens and Scrub Wrens.

One night after some rain a number of Swift Moths were attracted by the light from our lounge room. They clustered on one of our windows. Swift Moths usually appear in autumn or early winter after rain.

In May we mentioned that a friend had presented us with a soil steriliser. The unit works by boiling water and the resulting steam passes through the soil. Sterilisation is complete when the soil temperature reaches 80 degrees centigrade. This week we sterilised some soil. Then set up an experiment. Six Viminaria juncea seedlings and six Grevillea pinaster struck cuttings were placed in tubes using sterilised soil. The same number of plants, of both species, was placed in tubes with our usual potting mix. We will now wait to see if there is any difference in growth rate and plant development. If there is a marked improvement, with sterilised soil, then in future we will sterilise our potting mix. Results, of the experiment, will be posted in the fullness of time.

New on the Site: Eastern Brown Snake, Leucopogon cicatricatus and Lissanthe strigosa.


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