Week 1 June 2004: Rain=11 mm this week.
An Eastern Spinebill visited some plants in our plastic propagating house one day this week. It was after the nectar from some Eremophila flowers. We have a large number of Eremophilas ready to plant. Some are blooming.
A Scissors Grinder visited Yallaroo. This active, black and white bird is similar in appearance to the better-known Willie Wagtail. The Scissors Grinder has a call like the noise of a grindstone sharpening knives or scissors. We have only observed these birds on a couple of occasions.
This week we had a visit from a horticulturalist that looks after the gardens of a local retirement village. The village is embarking on a large building and landscaping project. He was interested in learning about plant propagation. The area is to be landscaped with natives and they wish to propagate their own plants. 
Spent some time building cairns of rocks in various garden beds. These piles of rocks are about one metre tall by one metre wide. They will serve two purposes. Firstly they are landscape features and secondly our resident lizards will use them as they soak up the sun. 

Garden Diary