Week 1 June 2003: Rainfall- 7 mm this week.
Spent a few days visiting our daughter and family in Wingham. They are settling back into Australian life after spending two years in the United Kingdom. Wingham is a small town near Taree on the mid-north coast of New South Wales.
We visited Wingham Brush Nature Reserve, which is a small area of sub-tropical floodplain rainforest. Walked through the rainforest and observed the huge rainforest trees with their buttress roots. Giant Stinging Trees are common in the Reserve. The track through the Reserve is along a raised timber boardwalk. The boardwalk prevents compaction and keeps shoes free from sticky rainforest soil. Sighted a couple of Brush Turkeys and one of their nesting mounds.
We were involved in a spot of gardening. Helping our daughter clean up the front garden. We also planted a few Correas and daisies in pots that were brought from Yallaroo. There is a small Cumquat tree in the front garden. The plant was covered with small oval fruits. We collected some and these finished up in delicious marmalade. Some Cumquat cuttings were collected. We would be interested in growing a Cumquat in a container as an “edible exotic”.
On the way home stopped at a small, attractive picnic area in Giro State Forest. This picnic area is set in the midst of a wet sclerophyll forest. We also collected some cutting material of Cassinia leptocephala. This is a common roadside plant, in this area, with beautiful golden flower heads. We have tried, unsuccessfully on other occasions to propagate this attractive shrub. Hopefully we will succeed this time.
On this trip we broke a record and did not buy a single plant.
At the end of the week some time was spent weeding and mulching our Lawn Garden. We have started to dig into our mountain of sawdust.

Garden Diary.