Week 1 June 2002: Here we are again, back from our seven-week trip to the United Kingdom. Saw lots of England, Scotland and Wales. Lots of photographs (over 300) were taken. We will be using them to describe British horticulture, history etc. The United Kingdom is steeped in history and has beautiful scenery but after seven weeks we feel that there is no place like Australia.
Eastern Australia was very dry during the time that we were away. In the seven weeks only five millimetres of rain fell on Yallaroo.  We lost very few plants proving yet again the drought resistance of native plants. A couple of Banksia serrata went to the great garden in the sky and a few Correas and Prostantheras wilted. We will have to revise our method of cultivating Banksia serrata. Probably we will have to apply more water when first planted. The depth of mulch will also be increased around each plant. Banksia serrata is a striking plant so we will persist with our cultivation endeavours.
We did have an automatic watering system operating in our propagating plastic house. The solenoid, in the system, broke down when we were away. Fortunately this potential disaster occurred when our daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter were staying at Yallaroo. They replaced the solenoid and saved a few hundred plants from drying out. We canít complain about the solenoid that broke down. It has been operating for at least 20 years.
From now on we will have a Whatís New section at the end of each Garden Diary. This will list the new weekly additions to our site.

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