Week 1 July 2016: Rain = 15 millimetres

Most days this week have been a combination of cold, wet and windy. Consequently there was virtually no work done outside. The time was spent writing articles and potting on in our shed.

We potted on seedling Hakea gibbosa and Acacia terminalis as well as struck cuttings of Callistemon Little John.

We did undertake one outside job. Later in the week we moved rocks from our vegetable area using our ride-on mower and trailer. The rocks were going to be in the path of our macropod-proofing electric fence.

On our shopping trip, into Armidale, we had to make a detour in the CBD. The local council is putting in a new roundabout at a busy intersection. This is near the library that we visit every three weeks to stock up on books. At the moment this intersection is difficult to turn right into on our way home. The roundabout will make the world of difference.

Wildlife observations: Sighted a Bronzewing Pigeon walking along our road west of the house. One morning five Grey Kangaroos were lying down resting on the mown area near the house.


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