Week 1 July 2015: 2 millimetre of rain this week.

We watered with grey water this week. Because of the low evaporation rate we only water tubes, vegetables etc every three days.

A number of our White Box (Eucalyptus albens) are bursting into bloom and are attracting a large number of Wattle Birds and Rainbow Lorikeets. They are both rather noisy. Small honeyeaters do not seem to visit these trees but do spend time in flowering Silvertop Stringybarks (Eucalyptus laevopinea).

We planted 12 tubes this week and spread mulch around these plants. We also potted on Olearia floribunda, Eremophila Red Desert and beetroot seedlings. We also potted on a number of rare Pimeleas and Homoranthus. We are happy with the propagation success with these rare species.

We also split some firewood this week. The wood is rather dense and difficult to split. We clamped the pieces in a Triton Superjaws then cut slots in the wood with our chainsaw. The wood is then split into manageable pieces with a block splitter.

Our Hakea multilineata plants are blooming bounteously.

The Australian Plant Society has a number of Study Groups concentrating on various plant genera. We are members of several groups including the Grevillea Study Group. The group has a web site (http://anpsa.org.au/grevSG/)  there is a great deal of interesting information on the site. Now all the Newsletters and an index up to 2014 are available on the site.


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