Week 1 July 2013: No rain this week

Early this week the plumbers came to repair our solar hot water system. Early in June a pipe came out of the hot water tank and flooded one room. A drip tray was fitted under the tank and one of the collectors on the roof was replaced. It appeared to be faulty.

We spent some time this week potting on rooted cuttings. Included in our potting on activities were: Grevillea jephcottii, Hakea bakeriana, Melaleuca micromera, Prostanthera rotundifolia, Melaleuca tortifolia, Callistemon Little John and Grevillea mollis.

On our weekly shopping trip we visited the local Home Hardware Store. We purchased three different Blueberries and two Kiwifruit (male and female). The plants were $10 each which we thought was a very reasonable price. Cuttings from all plants were taken.

The winter weather continues and this week we cut up and split firewood. We now have a satisfactory stack of heating material.

This week 36 plants found homes in our new garden, north of the house. This garden is going to accommodate a few hundred plants.


Garden Diary