Week 1 July 2012:   No rain

Not a lot of outside work this week. One of our daughters and her family made a very welcome visit for a few days. Also other relatives spent a night later in the week.

We went for a walk east of Yallaroo along a section of the main road that has been bypassed by new road works. Not a lot in the way of native plants but we came across eight skinned fox carcasses that had been dumped recently. There must be some money in fox skins.

We drove past the entrance to our previous property at Invergowrie, east of Yallaroo. We established another large native garden on this 2 hectare site some years ago. We were pleasantly surprised to see an Acacia flexifolia plant in full flower beside the entrance gate.

We found some time for a little horticulture. Struck cuttings of Hakea microcarpa, Grevillea diversifolia, Prostanthera incana and Correa baeuerlenii were potted on. We also dug up a few asparagus crowns from an old vegetable bed. They were relocated to a new area.


Garden Diary