Week 1 July 2011: No rain this week.

The weather still continues to be cold and overcast and is not conducive to outdoor activities. Two indoor activities were undertaken this week.

Last week we mentioned that we had bought a MusicMaker to convert our vinyl records to MP3 and CD. This week we downloaded the software and started to convert vinyls. MusicMaker does the job beautifully. We are able to fit nine doubled sided 12 inch vinyl records onto a CD. This is equivalent to about 7 hours of music on a CD.

Knitting was the other indoor activity. Over the years we have produced knitted rugs for each of our children and grandchildren. Each rug consists of 35 squares. Each square is 25 centimetres square. This week we worked on a rug for our latest grandson.

We received photos from David, of the ABC, showing a Stringybark Eucalypt with a nesting hollow used by Galahs. The Galahs have removed all the bark from below the hollow leaving the trunk very smooth and slippery. It is thought that the birds do this so that Goannas cannot reach the eggs and fledglings.

Managed to brave to elements briefly and did some potting on. Struck cuttings of Grevillea Lady O and Grevillea semperflorens found homes in tubes. Hopefully they will be ready for planting in summer.

There were a few interesting wildlife sightings this week at Yallaroo. Firstly a flock of about 20 Choughs spent some time in the grass near our house. Next we observed three Little Grebes on our Big Dam and finally a Red-necked Wallaby hopped past our shed one afternoon. We suspect the wallaby may have eaten the leaves off all our Silver Beet plants.
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