Week 1 July 2010:  Rain = 29 millimetres We have a full tank and water is running into our dams.

Our Hakea laurina plants are flowering profusely this week. This is an excellent plant to bring colour to the winter garden.

We have bought a number of broccoli boxes. They will be used for vegetable production. This week we filled some of the boxes with soil ready for planting. The boxes are sitting on one of our metal benches. A bench will accommodate 12 boxes. We should be able to raise most of our vegetable requirements this spring with these boxes, our raised beds and cut-down 200 litre drums.

Used our chainsaw this week to cut up firewood. We also split some wood. We have been lighting our wood heater every night so far this winter. Last year we only lit the heater a few times.

This week we pruned our olive tree. It has become rather rampant. Last season the tree carried some olives but the birds helped themselves to the fruit. The reduced tree size will allow us to cover the olive with bird netting.


Garden Diary