Week 1 July 2008: No rain this week.

We have some large Austrostipa ramosissima (Stout Bamboo Grass) plants growing in our gardens. A few weeks ago we collected a number of seed heads, extracted some small seeds and sowed them. This week some seedlings appeared. This success has inspired us to try germinating more grass seeds.

More seed germination news this week. About a month ago we sowed some seeds from both our Grevillea Honey Gem and Grevillea Pink Surprise plants. Eleven seeds germinated and now ready to pot on.

This week we bought some more edible exotics. Three different raspberry varieties were purchased from a local nursery. They will be planted in our orchard.

We hosted more visitors to Yallaroo this week. Two near neighbours from the other side of Mount Yarrowyck spent the afternoon with us. They left with bags of cuttings.

More Double Bar Finches visited our gardens. They are becoming regular fixtures.


Garden Diary