Week 1 July 2005: Rain = 6mm for the week.
We have had some success striking Eriostemon cuttings. They are usually very slow to produce roots. We saw a paper on the propagation of Grevillea Royal Mantle cuttings where the researcher dipped the tops as well as the bottoms of the cuttings in hormone solution.  This increased the number of cuttings that produce roots. We did the same with our Eriostemon cuttings and this seemed to work. We realise that this popular genus has a new name (Philotheca) but feel that our readers will be more familiar with the old name.
Members of our family visited this week. They stayed for a few days. Our two young grand daughters spent much of their time in the garden. They appreciate the open space and close contact with nature.
During their visit we were fortunate to see a Swamp Wallaby close to the house. The Wallaby was eating leaves off one of our Correas. We have often wandered what ate our Correa leaves. Fortunately the plants soon recover.
As we wandered around Yallaroo, this week, we flushed out a couple of Brown Quail. Their numbers have increased over the years.
Our new Canon 5200F scanner arrived. We have a large collection of 35mm slides and colour prints. We have started to scan slides and photos to provide more images for our site and also to ensure that family slides and photos are preserved.

Garden Diary