Week 1 July 2003: Rain: 13mm.
Flocks of Eastern Spinebills are busy in the garden. They are keen on the nectar produced by our Grevillea pinaster plants. Since the splendid rain in autumn these plants have exploded into bloom with masses of nectar-rich, red flowers.
We purchased a new printer this week (Canon I550). We are very pleased with the results. We are using medium quality photographic paper to print out family photos taken with our digital camera.
Cut some firewood this week. We are very careful when using the chainsaw. This would have to be the most dangerous implement that we use around Yallaroo. When the wood is split we sometimes disturb large centipedes (often 15 cm long). We treat these beautiful invertebrates with caution. We work on the principle that if they donít bite us then we wonít bite them.
We are still weeding and mulching our lawn garden. This weeding activity has become a greater epic than Ben Hur. The end of this necessary, if boring, horticultural activity is in sight.
As we wandered around our Big Dam we found some seedling Grevillea arenaria plants. They were growing near a large, mature specimen. This species produces more seedlings than all our other Grevilleas put together.
One afternoon a Swamp Wallaby paid a visit and sat near our front verandah. It is some time since we have sighted one of these shy and solitary macropods.
The Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos are neither shy nor solitary. This week a flock of five or six has been flying around the house making their unmistakable, raucous call.

Garden Diary