Week 1 January 2016:

Happy New Year

We are still at our son and family’s place in northern Sydney early in the week. They have a hedge of Lilly Pilly shrubs lining their entrance. When we examined the plants we identified them as Syzygium luehmannii, known as Riberry. The fruits are well known as a bush tucker. Our son’s plants were covered in fruits. They are used to make distinctively flavoured jam, sauces and syrups. We collected some cuttings.

We had a day out at Wiseman’s Ferry, north of Sydney on the Hawkesbury River. We watched Sydney’s boating fraternity launching their craft. We also had a ride across the river on the ferry.  Backhousia citriodora, lemon myrtle, was in full flower in the surrounding bushland. The lemon-flavoured leaves are also used in bush tucker.

In the middle of the week we travelled home after interesting visits to our family. Everything at home was ok. Our watering system, once again, proved to be very effective irrigating our plants in tubes.

This week we sowed a number of wattle seeds. We soak the seeds in boiling water and leave them for a few hours before sowing.

On our shopping day we picked up our electric fence and solar energiser from a local carrier. We will put up the fence in the fullness of time.


Garden Diary