Week 1 January 2015: Rain = 24 millimetres

Happy New Year

We spent time digging holes in the extension of our northern garden. Big rocks sometimes dug out but usually their maximum size is as large as a fist. These small rocks are placed around the plants to act as another layer of mulch. Coupled with the digging was planting with 29 plants going into the new holes.

Both our children, who are overseas, rang on New Years Day. They will be returning later in the month.

Grevillea jephcottii, Veronica arenaria (was Derwentia), Brachyscome multifida, Leptospermum laevigatum and Grevillea oldei cuttings were potted on this week. We also made up soil mix for tubes.

We did spend a fair amount of time watching the test cricket between Australia and India.

The fruit on our Nelly Kelly Blueberry plant is ripening. This week we harvested about 170 grams of ripe berries. Next season we should harvest more berries. We have another three blueberry plants that should also produce fruit next season.

Wildlife observations: A Yellow Robin and Grey Fantail spent some time in the shrubs around one of our ponds. Four Striated Pardalotes were in the vines growing on the supports of our patio roof. Dollar Birds have arrived for northern areas and were flying around our woodland areas. Our Willie Wagtails have been very busy feeding their three growing babies.


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