Week 1 January 2014:  No rain this week

Happy New Year to our Readers

This week we spent a fair amount of time potting on struck cuttings from our propagating unit. Included were: Chorizema cordatum, Grevillea chrysophaea, Grevillea scortechinii, Grevillea Poorinda Queen, Grevillea vestita, Grevillea New Blood, Prostanthera sejuncta, Prostanthera Ballerina and Melaleuca violacea. The Melaleuca took less than a fortnight to produce roots. As you can see our propagating activities have been rather successful. All we have to do is dig holes for all the plants waiting for a place in the garden.

Amongst all the horticultural activities we found time to watch the final Ashes cricket test. This was another comprehensive win to the Australian team.

Two baby Willie Wagtails have left the nest and are being fed by their parents.

Even though spring has long gone there are still plenty of flowering specimens in the garden. This is due to the wide range of plants that we have in our gardens. This week Grevillea banksii, Melaleuca gibbosa, Melaleuca diosmatifolia (previously known as Melaleuca erubescens) and Dipodium punctatum (Hyacinth Orchid) were all flowering. The orchid is native to Yallaroo and normally occurs in large numbers at this time. This year specimens are few and far between. This is probably due to the prolonged dry period in winter.


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