Week 1 January 2013: No rain


A Happy and Horticulturally Successful New Year to all Gardeners


Before Christmas our Willie Wagtails nested for a second time in the nest outside our back door. Three eggs were hatched but on our return, from visiting family, we found only one baby in the nest. Maybe the other two fell out. This week the surviving fledging left the nest.

This week we picked cucumbers, beans, beetroots, radishes and tomatoes. We also sowed another row of bean seeds.

As previously recorded our phone line was destroyed, by a lightning strike, before Christmas. This week we were contacted by Telstra and arrangements were made to install a wireless system that will make us copper wire free. The system is due to be installed next week.

Weeds are growing vigorously and this week we sprayed some areas with glyphosate.

At the end of November we received a present of native plants. Cuttings were taken and this week we potted on Grevillea aquifolium, Hemiandra pungens and Hypocalymma linifolium all with strong roots. For these cuttings we used a commercial seed raising mix formulated for cuttings. This may be more effective that our usual coco peat/sand mix.


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