Week 1 January 2010:  Rain = 27 millimetres.

A Happy and Horticulturally Successful New Year to our readers.

We had two wet days this week. This was a continuation of the good rain in the last week of December.

Over the years we have acquired three 200 litre drums. During the Christmas week my son and I cut them in half to make six large containers. These are to be used to extend our vegetable growing project. This week we drilled drainage holes in three half drums, placed them on old tyres for more height and filled them to a depth of ten centimetres with small rocks for added drainage. We also filled one half drum with soil and planted seedling beetroot, capsicum and one rock melon. Our large vegetable rings are working well and supplying a steady stream of fresh produce.

Planted commenced again after the Christmas break with 37 plants going into the ground. Most of these plants were mulched. The rain and warm weather has triggered a proliferation of weeds in our new gardens. Spot spraying with Glyphosate herbicide will be needed soon. The use of herbicide means that the ground is not disturbed. Manual removal of the weeds disturbs the ground and triggers more weed germination. Once our plants develop and shade the ground then the weed menace will be severely reduced. 

This has been an off year for our fruit trees with only one peach producing a reasonable number of fruit. This week we covered the tree with netting to prevent the Crimson Rosellas eating the meagre crop.


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