Week 1 January 2008: Rain = 25mm.

A Happy & Horticulturally Successful New Year!

Some time was spent this week mowing the large area north of the house. This area used to be choked with weeds but after a decade or so of mowing the area as reverted to native grasses and herbaceous natives.

Lots of plants in flower this week: including: Melaleuca nesophila, Babingtonia crassa, Melaleuca erubescens, Melaleuca tamarascina and Acacia parramattensis.

Summer has become a very colourful time at Yallaroo as we have increased the number and range of plants in the ground.

Digging, planting, mulching and weeding continued apace this week. We planted a few tomatoes with the natives. Tomatoes do very well in our native gardens.

This week we had some wildlife encounters. We found a freshly shed Brown Snake skin in one of our gardens. The skin was entire and so fresh it was still moist (see image). A Blue-banded Bee was observed visiting a Plectanthrus plant. This is the only specimen sighted so far this spring and summer. Some Common Imperial Blue Butterfly caterpillars were found on a Wattle plant. As per usual they were attended by a large number of small ants. Finally, after a shower of rain, we came across a carnivorous snail near our patio. We rarely see live specimens of this native snail but sometimes come across empty shells. 

New on the Site:  Carnivorous Snail.


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