Week 1 January 2007:  Rain = 22.5mm Total for December = 33mm well down on the average of 88mm.
Three Yellow-faced Honeyeater chicks have left the nest near our back door. We have lost count of the number of birds that have nested and raised young from nests in the Clematis vines growing on the supports of our back patio.
Plenty of plants flowering including: Acacia rupicola this specimen flowered in spring and is flowering again. Acacia parramattensis is a tall Wattle that blooms out of season. A miniature form of Melaleuca decussata is in full flower. This form reaches a height of one metre and has small brushes that are an intense mauve colour.
A flock of Silvereyes spent some time splashing in one of our birdbaths. This particular birdbath is very popular and at least ten bird species have been observed using this facility.
Three Crimson Rosellas were using our bird feeder this week. The feeder was a Christmas present and has proved to be very popular.
A couple of weeks ago we rescued a large Blue-tongued Lizard from one of our ponds. This week we sighted another Blue Tongue. This one was near our orchard and disappeared into a hole in the ground. We think this lizard is not the same one that went for a swim because the pond is some distance from the orchard.
New on the Site: Grevillea Scarlet Sprite.

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