Week 1 January 2005: No rain this week.
We wish all gardeners a happy and horticulturally successfully New Year.
Blue-banded Bees have been active in the garden this week. They have been observed visiting Dianellas and Sollyas.
The spring and summer of 2004/5 has seen a proliferation of Eucalypts flowering in the area. This week our Eucalyptus prava trees took their turn in this floral extravaganza. We have a large population of this Orange Gum growing naturally on Yallaroo. Two other, cultivated Eucalypts are carrying loads of buds. Hopefully Eucalyptus leucoxylon and Eucalyptus magnificata will be a picture later in the year.
Also flowering this week is Thysanotus tuberosus and Kunzea Species A. The former grows naturally on Yallaroo and the latter is a cultivated plant.
Saw two Wedge-tailed Eagles fly into one of our gullies. On investigation we found a dead Kangaroo. The eagles were probably feeding on the carcase. We sometimes find dead kangaroos. They have usually died of old age.
All our visitors have returned home after the Christmas/New Year break. It is strange to have the house to ourselves. We enjoy having our family stay at Yallaroo. Our skill at throwing Frisbees and flying kites always improves after these visits.
After a shopping expedition, this week, we visited the Armidale Tree Group Nursery and came away with more plants for our gardens.
We are new proud owners of a laptop computer. Our present PC is about four years old. We will be using the new machine to prepare PowerPoint presentations. We talk to many garden clubs and other groups during the year and feel that PowerPoint presentations will help to get the message across about the environment in general and native plants in particular. The preparation, of presentations, will present us with a number of steep learning curves.
A few years ago a pair of swallows built a mud nest on our front verandah. They have used the nest on many occasions. This week four young swallows left the nest.

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