Week 1 January 2004: Rain this week = 5mm. This is the first rain for three weeks.
We wish all gardeners a happy and horticulturally successful New Year.
Some large rocks were moved to our new Correa Garden. They were placed in position and partially buried. Hopefully this will give them a more “natural” look.
Many years ago we planted a few Acacia parramattensis in an area near our front gate. They are in full flower at the moment. This is another Wattle that flowers outside of the usual spring period.
The Webmaster from ABC Tamworth visited this week. We did some interviews for the ABC Aussie Plants section of their web site.
Sighted a number of Channel-billed Cuckoos resting in one of our dead trees. These large, ungainly birds migrate from north of Australia in spring, lay their eggs in Currawong and Magpie nests then return to the north in autumn. In 2002, when we were overseas, we heard Channel-bills in Singapore.
We have some Melaleuca nesophila plants flowering. This is native of Western Australia and survives and thrives amongst other plants. In the open it will be damaged by frosts.
We are using Kitty Litter in our seed raising mixture. The mix is one part kitty litter and five parts river sand. For more details see our research section.
Growing against our shed there is a rampant Banana Passionfruit vine. We have often thought that the interlocking branches would make secure nesting sites. A pair of Grey Thrushes must have read our minds and they built a nest in the vine. At present they are sitting on eggs. This pair of Thrushes successfully raised three young from a nest in a Clematis vine on our back patio late last year.
One day, this week, a Burton’s Legless Lizard paid a visit. This strange reptile spent some time on our back patio (this is becoming a favourite place for wildlife) and was digitally recorded.

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