Week 1 February 2016: Rain = 57.5 millimetres falling over two days. This was marvellous rain and set the garden up for many months as the moisture soaked into the sub soil.

This week we potted on a number of struck cuttings including Westringia eremicola, Eremophila microtheca, Boronia heterophylla and Grevillea shiressii. The Westringia eremicola is an interesting plant. The cuttings were collected, on a recent visit, from a local native plant garden. This form has bright mauve flowers. We have a number of forms of this hardy species but none have the brilliant flower colour of this form.

This week we bought a liquid fertiliser called Algoflash. It is supposed to work very well particularly on vegetables as a foliar spray. We will see how well this fertiliser works.

Wildlife observations: For a couple of days there has been a Bronzed-winged Pigeon feeding on the mown area around the house. We have a flowering Grevillea Robyn Gordon growing outside our lounge room window. The flowers are visited constantly by Eastern Spinebills. Some Red-browed Finches were observed near our propagating area.


Garden Diary