Week 1 February 2015: Rain = 27 millimetres. This filled our house tank to overflowing again.

Spent time in our usual horticultural pursuits: digging holes, planting (22) and mulching. This week we planted a large yellow-flowered Shady Lady Waratah near our north facing deck. Time will tell how this plant progresses.

A great deal of potting on this week including: Correa glabra, Scaevola Mauve Mist, Prostanthera striatiflora, Prostanthera phylicifolia, Prostanthera melissifolia, Scaevola striata and Eremophila weldii.

We have two Eucalyptus caesia trees in the garden. One has flowered two years in a row and this week we found five large buds on the other one.

In the vegetable garden we assembled a timber raised vegetable bed this week. This is number eight and is the final one. We started to fill the bed with sundry soil collected from around the garden. This week we picked beans, capsicum, egg plant and turnip from the other vegetable beds.

Our Melaleuca radula and Melaleuca diosmatifolia are in full flower.

We heard recently that ALDI is coming to Armidale. On our shopping day we drove to the area and sure enough there is a fence around the site with ALDI signs plastered all over it. This will give the two giant supermarkets a run for their money.

We found time to mount our ride on mower and cut the grass around our circular drive. The grass is jumping out of the ground thanks to all the rain.

Wildlife observations: Six Striated Pardalotes were rather noisy around our back patio. They are using two nesting tubes that we have hung under the eaves. Last week we mentioned that a pair of Yellow-faced Honeyeaters was removing material from the Willie Wagtail nest, in a Lilly Pilly, near our back door. The Yellow-faces used the material to build a nest in the same plant just above the Wagtail nest. This week two eggs had been laid in the nest. There are three species of native cockroaches at Yallaroo. One is an attractive insect with yellow and black stripes. This week we noticed that when watering our potted blueberries, baby yellow and black cockroaches were coming out of the pine bark mulch. Hopefully these juveniles will mature.


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