Week 1 February 2013: Rain = 26 millimetres

We are now placing items on the Australian Plant Society (APS) NSW web site. The articles will deal primarily with descriptions of native plants but there will also be items about wildlife and horticultural matters. At the moment the articles may only be accessed by APS members. Hopefully, in the future articles will be available for general viewing.

We are growing a number of raspberry bushes, in a bed, east of the house. One morning we noticed that feral yellow pear tomato plant growing amongst the raspberries. We find that feral tomato plants produce large number of fruit. Yellow pear tomatoes are usually sold in 250 gram punnets. They often work out at $18 kilo. We also planted some cherry tomato plants in one of our vegetable drums.

We spent a few of hours weeding in our newest eastern garden. We also started digging up a new area near this area.

We found a Silvereye nest in one of our Kurrajongs (Brachychiton sp). The small, cup-shaped nest was held together by woven spider webs. This is our first Silvereye nest we have found at Yallaroo.

Nine plants found homes in one of our garden beds. We also found some feral Grevilleas close to our ring road. All the feral seedlings were Grevillea arenaria. There are two tall feral Grevillea arenaria plants in this area and surrounding them are 21 seedlings. This species produces more seedlings than another grevillea. We welcome these feral seedlings as they are preferable to the weeds that grow in some areas at Yallaroo.

We planted a Packers Jumbo Rockmelon in one of our raised vegetable beds. The plant has taken off and is carrying a number of developing rockmelons.

We did our talkback gardening program on ABC radio on Saturday. We only do the program once every five weeks. This ruins the continuity. We preferred doing the program every second week as we did in the past.

There was another six hour power outage (blackout) one night this week. People coming home from work and trying to prepare dinner must find this very frustrating.

We had a phone call from Harvey Norman one morning. Our Panasonic Bluray DVD recorder has arrived. We picked up the unit on our shopping day. It will be interesting setting-up the unit.


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