Week 1 February 2012: Rain = 43 millimetres. This rain filled our house tank to overflowing.

We mentioned last week that we started to dig holes on the edge of our internal road. This week we started to fill the holes with plants. We planted twelve this week. All the plants to be used along the road will be shrubs with a maximum height of two metres. Correas, Eremophilas and short Grevilleas will all feature in the roadside planting. As per usual each hole will have three plants and holes will be about 75 centimetres apart.

Of course potting on continued this week. Struck cuttings of Correa Mallee Pink and Eremophila Kalbarri Carpet found homes in tubes. We still have a backlog of struck cuttings waiting to be potted on but we are making progress in reducing the number.

One day we mowed around the house and in front of the shed with the hand mower. We gathered three catcher loads of clippings. These will go into our rotary composter.

Some time ago we bought a packet of Siberian tomatoes. This week we read about this variety on the internet. The variety comes from the far Northern Hemisphere and is cold resistant.  We sowed some seeds and will try to keep the variety growing through winter in out propagating unit. The unit has bottom heating and we keep the temperature at about 22 degrees centigrade. Hopefully this will be warm enough to keep the tomatoes alive during the colder months.


Garden Diary