Week 1 February 2011: Rain = 1.5 millimetres. Very hot and dry.

With the high evaporation rate we spent some time watering our newer plantings using grey water. We save our water from kitchen, bathrooms and laundry. This is a very useful source of irrigation water.

Still picking beans from our vegetable rings. We are growing five different bean varieties.

Planted 27 plants this week. Our planting continued in the hot weather making sure that the new plants are well mulched and watered every 2nd day. Plants were mulched with sawdust.

Potted on struck cuttings of Grevillea evansiana. This is a rare species from Wollemi National Park, the home of the Wollemi Pine. A local native plant enthusiast has a specimen growing in her garden and we were allowed to collect cuttings.

Spent a few hours sitting on our ride-on mower and mowed the large area to the north of the house.

This summer there has been many large, black and white Orchard Swallowtail Butterflies flying around the garden. Their caterpillars feed on members of the Rutaceae family especially exotic citrus plants. We find the caterpillars on our bush lemon plant. We keep this plant as a caterpillar food source. This week we found some larvae on Correa glabra (also in the Rutaceae family) plants. This is the first time we have found caterpillars on this species. Correa glabra is the only species with aromatic foliage. This probably attracted the butterflies.


Garden Diary