Week 1 February 2010: Rain = 34 millimetres. The rain keeps coming. This week our house tank overflowed again.

More potting on this week including Grevillea semperflorens, Hakea bakeriana and Leptospermum Julie Ann.

We picked heaps of tomato fruits and rhubarb stems this week. The produce produced from our vegetable rings has exceeded all our expectations.

One day this week we came across two caterpillars that appeared to have two heads. The rear end of the caterpillar was a “pseudo-head” complete with eye-spots to confuse prospective predators. The caterpillars are the larvae of Neola semiaurata, the Wattle Moth. We have only sighted three of these attractive caterpillars in 15 years at Yallaroo.

More digging holes and planting this week. Eighteen plants went into one of our gardens.

This week we drove to East Armidale and were pleasantly surprised to see that work on the construction of a Bunnings hardware store is well under way. There is also a well-founded rumour that Aldi is coming to Armidale. Both businesses will increase choice for local shoppers.

At last Volume 9 of the Encyclopaedia of Australian Plants has been published and we received our copy this week. This is the final volume of this massive work that has been 30 years in the making. The retail price is $250 but Florilegium Bookshop in Sydney has copies for $175.

One morning we saw a small Jacky Lizard near our incinerator. The reptile was black in colour. We assumed that it had taken on the colour of the ash surrounding the incinerator.

Over the past couple of weeks our regenerating Bursaria spinosa plants have been in full flower. We have dozens of plants that have come up east and south of our house. Their white flowers light up our woodland.

New on the Site: Neola semiaurata.


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