Week 1 February 2009: No rain this week.

Spent some time this week cleaning and reorganising our plastic house. We are going away for ten days or so and wanted all the plants under one roof for ease of watering when we are away.

Also finished cleaning the glass of our recently purchased aquarium. On our return we will finally set-up the aquarium and introduce plants and fish.

We have a number of Acacias germinating in tubes that are already occupied by either a seedling or struck cuttings. We will leave the Acacias there and in the fullness of time plant the tubes with both plants. The intruders are probably Acacia implexa seedlings.

Here are a few wildlife sightings for this week. Firstly we saw two male Blue Wrens in the plants outside our bedroom window. Then sighted a Quail in the garden and finally a very small Jacky Lizard in one of our gardens. Some Jacky Lizards are obviously laying eggs in our garden.

This week we also sprayed Roundup herbicide on the Coolatai Grass where we are going to establish our Vegetable Rings (see Week 3 January).

On our weekly trip to Armidale we bought a mini-trampoline. This will be incorporated into our exercise routine.


Garden Diary