Week 1 February 2008: Rain = 62 mm A splendid amount. Tank is full, water is running into the dams and plants are jumping out of the ground.

Of course the welcome rain has caused a minor weed explosion. This week we spent some time weeding in various gardens. With our dense planting, plus mulching, the ground becomes shaded and eventually weed germination comes to an end.

This week we potted on a number of seedlings including some Hakea macrorrhyncha. This is a tall, upright shrub from the Torrington area near Glen Innes on the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales.

We have a Banksia spinulosa growing near our back patio. Last year the plant produced two yellow flower spikes. This week we noticed that the plant is carrying 20 buds. This specimen is about five years old.

Two rather delicate species (for our area) were planted this week. One was Ceratopetalum gummiferum (New South Wales Christmas Bush) and the other was Hymenosporum flavum (Native Frangipani). Both are rainforest species so we planted them amongst other shrubs for protection.

We planted a Myer Lemon a few months ago near our deck. The plant is doing well but played host to a number of Orchard Swallowtail caterpillars. They reduced the number of leaves and were set to defoliate the plant. This week we moved the caterpillars to a bush lemon in another part of the garden. This plant has plenty of foliage so the butterfly larvae will be able to develop into beautiful black and white adults.

Two Willie Wagtails have taken up residence in the garden. These cheerful birds are always welcome at Yallaroo.

This week we received three seedling Xanthorrheas (Grass Trees) in the mail. A reader from Bathurst sent them. They arrived in good condition and have been potted on. Thanks for this generous gift.  

New on Site: Ceratopetalum gummiferum


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