Week 1 February 2007:  No rain this week. The weather has been very hot and dry.
We used plenty of grey water this week. Our new plantings in our old Veggie Garden were well watered.
As well as watering we also planted in this new garden. A few weeks ago we planted our Christmas present of four Western Australian Banksias in this new garden. So far they are doing well and putting on new growth. Of course this is early days.
Bursaria spinosa and Cassinia quinquefaria are two shrubs native to Yallaroo and they both occur in large numbers. They have both flowered profusely during the past couple of weeks and our bushland is glowing with masses of white and cream flowers.
This week we spent some time potting on seedlings and struck cuttings. We have a few hundred plants waiting to find homes in our gardens.
We picked up some Azolla plants from a relative’s pond. This is an attractive aquatic fern that we have placed in our frog ponds.
This week we sighted a Red-necked Wallaby and Swamp Wallaby near the house. The Swamp Wallaby is a frequent visitor.
New on the Site: Acacia beckleri, Azolla filiculoides, Comesperma ericinum, Conospermum taxifolium, Cryptandra scortechinii, Eremophila racemosa and Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo.

Garden Diary