Week 1 February 2006: Rain = 14mm
We are receiving many visits to our site. Last month we averaged 94/day and this week there has been 750 hits.
There has been very hot weather this week and in the last weeks of January. We have lost a few young Banksias. They are susceptible to drying out and when young need more water than other natives. We will persist with planting Banksias because they are an iconic Australian plant. A Banksia grandis, from Western Australia , is standing up to the conditions.
Planting is still going ahead in a new garden regardless of the hot conditions. The majority of the new plants are surviving and thriving. As with all our planting, three plants are going in the one hole. The spacing between each hole is from 50 to 60 centimetres. This gives our garden beds a bush-like appearance, keeps down weeds and creates havens for small native birds.
Last spring and summer we planted tomatoes amongst our natives. We harvested large crops of Roma and Tommy Toe tomatoes. This season we planted some more and also some feral tomato plants appeared from last year’s crop. This week we harvested large numbers of Tommy Toe fruits. Hopefully seed from this crop will germinate next season.

Garden Diary