Week 1 February 2004: Rain this week = 26.5 millimetres. Enough to fill our house tank to overflowing. Some of this surplus was pumped into our 5,000-gallon irrigation tank. 
A Melaleuca nesophila is flowering in one of our gardens. This native of Western Australia is prone to frost damage in exposed situations. We planted this specimen amongst other shrubs to protect it against injury.
The peaches have ripened on one of our tees. We harvested three buckets of fruit. This tree is one grown from cuttings and bears heavy crops. Peach jam and chutney was produced from this bumper crop.
We have been picking vegetables from our plants in pots. Beans, cumbers and tomatoes were picked this week.
An orchid expert paid a visit this week. He has discovered a new ground orchid species from an area northeast of Armidale. There is a constant trickle of new plant species being discovered on the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales.
One night, this week, a Tawny Frogmouth perched on a log near our family room. This is the first sighting of one of these owls at Yallaroo. This is the 86th species on our bird list.

Garden Diary