Week 1 February 2003: This week we have had a few days of cooler weather and have managed to do some planting and mulching. Also potted on some struck cuttings and seedlings into tubes. Our plastic house is now bulging at the seams with plants waiting for a break in the drought so we can do some mass planting.
Had a technical problem this week. Our ancient monitor expired so we had to buy a new one. The computer was off the air for about three days. During this period we realised how often we use the Internet to acquire information. It has to be the greatest and most accessible repository of information in world history.
Did a short interview for the local ABC radio network on the effect that drought is having on the local exotic poplars. Their leaves are starting to get their autumn colour about two months early.
Another new bird visited Yallaroo this week. The Speckled Warbler is a small insectivorous bird that travels in flocks and often accompanies Thornbills. This is number 86 in the Yallaroo bird list.

Garden Diary