Week 1 December 2016: Rain = 30 millimetres.

On the first day of the week we travelled back to Yallaroo after enjoyable stays with our family.

Not much rain in the time we were away (only 1.5 mm) and very hot. Some plants suffered especially our blueberries. We may have lost a couple. Some tubes also suffered. We meant to put our sprinkler system on twice a day. Due to a mistake, in setting up, the sprinkler was on only once a day. All in all, more plants survived than expired. The vegetables survived ok and look pretty good. We picked some beans.

In the propagating unit a number of cuttings have taken root and seeds have germinated. Our new plantings have also survived.

One interesting propagation result: we read that Dampiera leaves will produce roots. Before going away we put two leaves, of D. stricta, in the propagating unit. They have both produced roots. This is very satisfying as normal cuttings are loath to produce roots.

We potted on seedling Okras and struck cuttings of Grevillea Canterbury Gold and Melaleuca blaeriifolia.

We started to put together two shelving units. They will go on our computer desk. This will tidy this area and make working on the computer more efficient.

We received some Ebay purchases. One was a digital voice recorder. This is a combined memory stick and voice recorder. This will be used to record what we do during the day, for our diary, and as an audible notebook when we have ideas for articles. The other purchase was two torches. They are very bright although powered by only three AAA batteries.

We also watched some cricket this week. There are three one day matches between Australia and New Zealand. In the first match Australia comprehensively beat New Zealand.


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