Week 1 December 2014: Rain = 104 millimetres!! This was a great total for the week. Many areas received similar falls. There is water running into our dams, our tank is full to overflowing and water is soaking into the ground. This was an early and very welcome Christmas present.

We started potting on in earnest after our time away. This week we potted on: Grevillea Coastal Glow, Hemiandra pungens, Isopogon formosus, Grevillea diminuta, Melaleuca macrorhyncha and Bauera rubioides.  We also potted on two varieties of capsicum seedlings. These were bought at Bunnings early in week. We also purchased bags of blood and bone and Dynamic Lifter.

In one of our vegetable beds we planted seedling tomatoes, pumpkins, egg plants and turnips.

One of our potted blueberry plants is covered in fruit. We decided that it was time to cover the plant with netting to keep the birds away from the ripening fruit.

This week we made up some potting mix for tubes. We still have a large number of cuttings with roots waiting to be potted on.

Early in the week we did our three-weekly talkback radio programme. This time we broadcast to the central west of NSW as well as our local area. We would have covered about a third of NSW.

We attended a seminar, about fire in the environment, by one of the academic staff of the Botany Department at the University New England. We were given plenty of food for thought by the seminar.

Relatives visited and stayed for night. They were on their way to Brisbane. We also had an interesting lunch with our friends from Canberra who have a place east of Yallaroo. They brought meat pies from a Canberra bakery. They were the best pies we have tasted for many a long day.

Wildlife sightings this week: The rain appears to have given our freshwater tortoises (or turtles) wanderlust. On two occasions we picked up two tortoises on our road. They were about 200 metres from our big dam. Both were returned to the water. We also saw four other tortoises in the dam near where the water is running into the dam. They were probably waiting for something edible to be carried in the water.


Garden Diary