Week 1 December 2013: Rain = 8.5 millimetres
Early in the week we went to the Australian Plant Society (APS) Christmas party at a member's garden. The garden is very interesting with a comprehensive collection of Correas and a number of Waratah (Telopea species) cultivars. We had an interesting time talking to people with similar interests.
We visited another garden this week. This is a very restful area full of small birds and an interesting range of native and exotic plants. The plant of particular interest was a healthy Wollemi Pine that has produced a number of cylindrical male cones.
Potting on continued this week. Rooted cuttings of Callistemon pungens, Grevillea scortechinii, Grevillea juniperina, Grevillea lanigera, Grevillea alpina and Grevillea Charming Red were planted in tubes. We are having great success with cutting propagation using commercial seed raising mix particularly with grevilleas.
This week we also dug holes and planted 39 plants in our northern garden.
Three Channel-billed Cuckoos flew over one day this week. They migrate from South-east Asia in spring and lay their eggs in Currawong and Magpie nests. Speaking of nests and laying eggs. Our Willie Wagtails have nested again in the nest in a Lilly-Pilly on our back patio. Last week an egg was laid. Early one morning this week a second egg was laid and a few hours later a third appeared.
Two rafts of frog eggs were laid in one of our ponds one night this week.
This week we watered our new plantings with our grey water supply and also sprayed weeds with glyphosate.
Time was spent, during the final days of the week, watching the second cricket test between Australia and England.
New on Site: Rulingia salviifolia and Prostanthera serpyllifolia 

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