Week 1 December 2012: Rain = 31 millimetres

One morning we assembled and placed in position our 4th timber vegetable bed. This bed will be filled with soil in the fullness of time.

Many months ago we cut down some large shrubs and small trees, including an Acacia diphylla, in a garden bed west of the house. The plants were blocking part of our extensive view. This has opened a large area with plenty of room for many small shrubs. This week we dug some holes in this garden and planted 15 plants.

We picked our first beans this week. We are planting a procession of bean seeds so plenty of vegetables should be harvested throughout summer.

We came across a large Red-bellied Black Snake one morning. The snake went one way and we went the other. This was the first snake of the season.

On our shopping trip we called in on Maria Hitchcock whose garden is east of Yallaroo. Maria is the author of the Correa book and another on Acacias. Maria had some Telopea aspera plants that she was giving out to native plant enthusiasts to trial in their gardens. This is a local species similar to the well-known Sydney Waratah. Maria has an extensive Correa collection and is also successfully growing a range of Telopea cultivars.

Our Willie Wagtails have returned to their nest where they raised 3 young recently. This week another egg was laid.

Eucalyptus prava, the Orange Gum, grows naturally on Yallaroo. This week they started to burst into bloom.


Garden Diary