Week 1 December 2011: Rain = 32 millimetres. The rain keeps coming. We are not complaining but farmers waiting to harvest crops are having problems with the rain.

Good news: one day this week the three Willie Wagtail chicks left their nest just outside our back door.

This week we potted on struck cuttings of Grevillea floribunda. We collected the cutting material on our visit to the Pilliga scrub area. We donít have this species in our garden.

We started picking beans this week. From now on we will be planting bean seeds every week to ensure regular picking.

This week planting continued with 21 plants going into the garden. Seeds of beans and pumpkins were sowed with these plants. Included in our planting was our Wollemi Pine. This was a present from our children a few years ago and was living in a pot. We thought that the specimen would do better in the ground.

This week our Acacia irrorata plants burst into bloom. This is a handy species because it flowers just after the peak wattle flowering season. We have a feral passionfruit that came up in an area near one of our large Eucalyptus laevopinea trees. This week we noticed that the vine has started to flower. Hopefully we will be able to harvest some fruit.

We also sighted some Double-barred Finches in the garden this week. These delightful birds have been absent from Yallaroo for some months.


Garden Diary