Week 1 December 2009: Rain = 1.5 millimetres

Spent some time this week digging holes, planting and mulching. Although it is very hot and dry we are still continuing with planting. We have a large backlog of plants to go into our gardens. Over 20 plants found their home in a garden this week. The new plants are well mulched and watered every couple of days. This watering regime will continue until we have some decent rain.

Our vegetables in the above-ground rings are doing well. This week they were watered with liquid fertiliser. We are picking snow peas, beans, rhubarb and potatoes.

 One morning we saw two Channelled-bill Cuckoos in one of our trees. These large, ungainly birds migrate from Southeast Asia every spring and lay their eggs in Pied Currawong nests.

Received another book, to add to our library, this week. Emigrant Eucalypts is by Richard Fyfe Zacharin and is a history of the cultivation of our Gum Trees overseas. It is a fascinating book full of interesting information about these iconic Australian trees. We bought a second hand copy from the Florilegium Bookshop in Sydney. They have an extensive range of botanical and horticultural books, both new and second hand.

On Sunday we attended the local Australian Plant Society groupís Christmas function. The party was held in a memberís native garden. An interesting and instructive time was had by all. One member distributed plants of a new species of Callistemon that has been found north of Armidale. We were grateful recipients.

For many months an old male Grey Kangaroo has spent his days near our house. He was probably displaced from a mob by a younger and fitter male. One day this week he passed away in a favourite resting place in one of our gardens.

Managed to fit in some time watching a cricket test match between Australia and the West Indies. The match ended in a draw.


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