Fly-traps.JPG (51451 bytes)Week 1 December 2008:   Rain = 19mm and our house tank overflowed again this week.

We did have a number of fine days so we took the opportunity to do some weed control using Glyphosate. The rain has triggered an avalanche of weeds in our newly planted gardens. One application and some spot spraying will sort out these unwelcome plants.

We made a couple of fly traps (see image) using old milk containers. They are baited with Vegemite and water. The traps are very effective and soon fill with flies. This week one of our Jacky Lizards found the traps and spent some time catching some of the flies buzzing around.

Had some trouble starting our push mower this week. We were advised to obtain an engine starter known as Start Ya Bastard. Two squirts of this starter in the air intake solved the problem and the mower started on the second pull.

This week we found three Red-browed Finch nests in one our Hakea drupacea plants near the shed. These nests may be for roosting rather than nesting.

Our grey water tank is full so one day this week we used the water on some of our newer gardens. This keeps up the soil moisture level for when the warmer weather really starts.

A flock of White-eared Choughs paid a visit this week. About twelve of these strange birds perched in a stringybark near our front verandah. We usually see or hear flocks of Choughs about once a month.

We have a bird feeder on our front verandah and Crimson Rosellas, Galahs and King Parrots visit to eat the seed. This week we have found the remains of ripening Acacia diphylla pods in the feeding tray. King Parrots are probably responsible for leaving the pods as we have seen them feeding in our Acacia diphylla trees.

Many plants are still flowering in the garden and surrounding grasslands. Melaleuca pulchella and Eucalyptus curtisii were two of the cultivated plants blooming whilst Thysanotus tuberosus is in full flower in our grassland.

New on the Site:  Acacia irrorata, Double-barred Finch and Grey Shrike-thrush.


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