Week 1 December 2006: Rain = 6 mm. Total for November = 148.5 mm. This large amount has not broken our drought but has certainly put a dent in it.
Three baby Thrushes are in the nest near our back door. The parents nest near the house regularly. This is the second time they have nested this season. Last time they also raised three chicks.
We saw a Bronzewing Pigeon feeding along our road one day this week. They are occasional visitors.
This week we tied some old CDs to our Pomegranate bush. It is flowering profusely and we hope that the CDs will keep the birds away from the developing fruit.
There are plenty of plants flowering in the garden at present. Some examples: Acacia oshanesii, Eremophila Kalbarri Carpet, Leptospermum Rudolph, Melaleuca alternifolia and Melaleuca huegelii.
On the weekend we attended the local Australian Plant Society Christmas party. A feature of the function was a plant swap. Members took along plants that they had propagated and swapped them for plants from other members. We took along a range of plants and came home with a number of Correas, Banksias and Eucalypts. We also finished up with a Macadamia plant. We are not sure how this plant will cope with frosts but will plant it in a sheltered position.
The day after the plant swap we renovated a section of the garden near one of our frog ponds. The Correas from the plant swap found a home in this garden. We also planted in other sections of the garden. This week a total of 25 plants went into the ground.

Garden Diary