Week 1 December 2004: Rain = 2.5 mm.

Both a Swamp Wallaby and Red-necked Wallaby visited the mown area near the house one day this week. We donít often see these shy animals near the house.

We spent some time planting in our extended Correa Garden during the week. This will join up with our extended Lawn Garden in 2005. We have many hundreds of plants waiting to be planted. In 2005 we are going to try and reduce this backlog of plants.

Saw three Bronze-winged Pigeons near the house this week. Our gardens are becoming a mecca for a wide variety of birds. We havenít seen Bronze-wings so close before.

Another Eucalypt has burst into bloom this week. Eucalyptus curtisii comes from southern Queensland and our specimen has only taken about three years to flower.

On the weekend we attended the local branch of the Australian Plant Societyís Christmas party. About a dozen people attended and we had a pleasant and informative walk in a woodland area in north Armidale. Lots of interesting grasses and ankle-high native plants were flowering. The function was at the home of the president of the local branch. In the garden we saw our first Callistemon Matthew Flinders, which is a very attractive small shrub with bright red brushes. Another plant to look out for in nurseries.

Our final garden visit took place this week. Over 50 assorted gardeners, from Tamworth, spent the morning and some of the afternoon wandering around Yallaroo. Hopefully we converted some people to the beauty of native plants. Many cuttings were taken which helps our pruning programme.

Garden Diary