Week 1 December 2001: Started up the mower this week. The rain and warm weather has the grass almost jumping out of the ground.
Our kitchen paper sandwiches are working well. We are germinating plenty of seeds using this method. Some Kennedia retorsa seeds produced roots about two cm long in four days.
Lots of Acacia pods are ripening. Last year very few Yallaroo Acacias produced seeds. This year we are going to have a bumper crop. We will be collecting seeds from some rare and/or interesting species. Some we will keep for propagation whilst most will be sent to the Seed Bank of the Acacia Study Group. We are happy to send Acacia seeds to any interested growers. Please send us an email with any requests.
A few notes about our “edible exotics”. We have a self-pollinating cherry that produced a reasonable crop this season. Unfortunately the Rosellas beat us to the fruit. We now have a healthy tree mulched with cherry pips. Some netting will be purchased before next season. A two-year Nelly Kelly Passionfruit is carrying about 30 fruit. The birds are not partial to these.  
Involved in lots of weeding this week. We made the mistake of mass planting without mulching a few weeks ago. Almost every weed known to science has swamped these plants. Most of the plants have survived. In future we will mulch as we plant.

Garden Diary