Week 1 August 2017: Rain = 21 millimetres.

This week we planted seedling Asian greens and garlic cloves in one of raised garden beds near our deck.

Planting continued this week with 12 tubes going into the ground. We are rapidly catching up on the backlog of plants ready to plant. Within a short while we will probably have to wait for a few weeks until there are more tubes ready for planting.

This week we bought a Santa Rosa plum from the local Bunnings store. This will be planted in one of our large raised garden beds in the vegetable area. The plum will be accompanied by a dwarf mulberry and a native finger lime. Before planting we will prune the plum and some of the prunings will be used as cuttings.

This week the internet was off for lengthy periods over two days. Fortunately this does not happen very often.

We spent a considerable amount of time writing plant profiles for the new NSW Region of the Australian Plant Society web site. The site will be in the public domain. There will be more information next week.

Wildlife observation: Sighted two Red-necked Wallabies near our gate. One appeared to be carrying a joey in its pouch.


Garden Diary