Week 1 August 2016: Rain = 57 mm! The rain fell over two days. On the first rain day we went shopping. There was water everywhere; dams were filling, water in paddocks and flowing across the road. The best result of all was that our big dam filled to overflowing and water was running into our small dam. Because of the cold weather there is virtually no evaporation and the water is soaking into the ground. We are going to have the best spring for years.

Once the rain cleared we spent some time cutting up a fallen tree for firewood and carting the wood back to our wood heap near the shed. We used our ride-on mower and small trailer to transport the wood. We now have a respectable firewood pile that should last until well into next winter.

On the first day of the week the Probus Club from Armidale visited Yallaroo.  At least 30 members came and we had a very enjoyable day. The weather was perfect for their visit. It was the next day that the rain started.

The wattles are starting to burst into bloom. Acacia cardiophylla, the Wyalong Wattle, is going to be spectacular. Hakea orthorrhyncha, the Bird-beak Hakea, is in full flower. This Western Australian species has red clusters of blooms that spread along the older stems. Another Western Australian species that is flowering in the garden is Hakea multilineata.

Because our garden is now so extensive we often find plants that we had forgotten about. This week we had a lucky find. During a severe drought a few years ago we lost a few plants including Melaleuca blaeriifolia. This was rather upsetting because we thought that the dead specimen was the only one in the garden. One day this week we were wandering around the garden and in one of our dense shrubberies we found another M. blaeriifolia. Of course cuttings we immediately taken to ensure that we do not lose this unusual small species.

Wildlife observation: The rain usually brings out the kangaroos and this week was no exception. After the rain we counted 16 kangaroos feeding on the grassy area near our small dam.


Garden Diary